God + Mickey Mouse

Y’all are gonna think I’ve lost my mind, but I have found God in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Here’s how it happened:

If you’ve read my last two posts:

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You know that I’ve been encouraging you guys to look for God wherever you are, and I’ve been sharing stories of when it has happened for me along the way. You also know I really enjoy Annie Downs‘ writing. I didn’t plan to keep talking about her, but she does play a part in this story as well. Well this particular day I was reading her newest book, a devotional, 100 Days to Brave. And the “Be Brave” challenge at the end of the devo was this:

“Could you be brave enough today to believe that God wants to speak to you? Just ask Him. Pray this: God I want to hear you. I want to know Your voice and recognize it. I’m listening. Speak to me.” – Annie Downs, 100 Days to Brave

Like usual, I was skeptical. I was just nannying, like I do, twice a week. Typically these days are about the same. I just kind of wondered how God was going to show me anything different from my usual Tuesday/Thursday routine. While nannying, it’s not uncommon for Mickey Mouse to be on. Whether intentionally, or just in the background, I can quote a LOT of this show by now.

Look. If you are a parent, teacher, nanny, babysitter or aunt, you know a little something about Mickey and his Clubhouse. If you don’t, basically it’s Mickey and his friends. They make a clubhouse appear and they typically have some task to accomplish. There is a “Mousekadoer” which shows them the tools they will need to accomplish said task, and “Toodles” Which is an extension of the “Mousekadoer” that delivers the tools to them wherever they are.

Well on that day, when I asked God to show himself to me in the ordinary, he showed up in Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse.

See when they need help or a tool they sing a song to call “Toodles” and the end of it goes like this:

Toodles has the tools, the mouseketools!

So when we need them

Toodles will bring them!

He’s here for mee-dles and you-dles,

and all we have to say is “oh Toodles!”

ALL we have to say is “oh Toodles!”

Again, you might think I’ve lost it. But I was like “hmm? Don’t know why I’ve totally missed that before, but… GOD=TOODLES”

I laughed out loud and rewound the song. Which I really didn’t have to because they sing it like 4 times an episode… But that’s neither here nor there. This time I heard this:

God has the tools, my tools!

So when I need them

God will bring them!

He’s Here for me and you,

and All we have to say is “God.”

All. We. Have. To. Say. Is. “God.”

It is so simple.

Sometimes I try to make God so complicated. I think when he speaks it has to be so big and profound, but He can use the simplest things, like a children’s tv show, to remind us of His message and His greatness.

God has what we need. He will give it to us when we need it. All we need to do is call out to him. All we need to do is ask. 

So whether or not you think I’m crazy, I dare you not to hear that song when it ultimately plays 238429348 times an episode and not think of God when you hear it.

I just want to end this series by saying this:

God is everywhere. He is All in All.

I promise if you go intentionally looking, you will see Him.

Even in Mickey Mouse.



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  1. Love this! And yes, “oh toodles” is very familiar. I will now think of God when I hear that song because of this post. You aren’t crazy. God is Good!!!!

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