God + The Trees

Last year, at the end of March, we went on a trip with my husband’s family to the North West. We flew into Spokane, then drove over to Whitefish/Kalispell, Montana Area. I am typically a beach girl, I had never been to this area, and this was a “ski trip,” so I was a little unsure of it all.

Living in Tennessee, it was quite a haul to get there. We had already taken two flights and then we were about to start the 4 hour drive over. Look, I love travel but the whole getting there thing can sometimes be a drag. We played some silly car games, and then those of us not driving started to drift off to sleep. This is usually me, I can fall asleep anywhere, but not this day.

See the whole landscape is different out there, and I was GLUED to the window. Through the rain I watched as thin evergreen trees towered over me, icy lakes glistened, and mountains seemed to pop out of the ground at every turn. This may sound silly, but I used to think that the clouds were our loved ones’ (that have passed on) beds. Like they were up in heaven, on these clouds, snoozing and watching over us. I had an odd similar feeling driving through these tall Christmas Trees. I felt comforted, like I was being watched over or something by these trees that have been here for hundreds of years. Or maybe it is the feeling of knowing you are so small, in a world that is so big. I know that seems hippie or whatever, but do you just ever feel God’s presence and know you’re being watched over, and you feel assured you are taken care of?

I know it might not seem like much, but I live for those feelings. Especially during that time, I was grappling with some career decisions and felt nervous and scared. But, when I felt God’s presence around me, those feelings melted away. Those feelings made me want to worship.

So naturally, I took a break from (at the time) Ed Sheeran’s new album(which I still LOVE) and thought, “I cannot pass up this opportunity to worship.” I placed my worship playlist on shuffle. In my scared, but feeling comforted moment, the song “You make me brave” by Bethel came on. This is an awesome song by the way and it alone would have been beautiful to listen to, but then I looked down at my phone. There are several versions of this song, but the one I have -the album art- looks like this:

It was practically what I was looking at out my window, and had been marveling at seconds earlier. Guys, I don’t believe in coincidences like that. Tears flooded my eyes.

I thank God for the guidance he gives me when I look for it. I think when you listen and look for God, he’ll speak to you. He’ll do it either through his word, a song you need to hear at that moment, through someone else, or something else. I think he uses all kinds of things to speak to us.

I want you to look around today and see where God pops up. For me today, It’s in the beauty of the snow falling outside my window. We don’t get it often, so when it happens, everything slows down and we just kind of sit back and admire. (literally this post is going up late because I couldn’t stop watching the snow and my dog in it)

Look for God’s beauty today or a message from him and see where it takes you. Tell me below if you feel like he’s been speaking to you through anything lately. Where have you seen him? I want to know!

I have a few more stories similar to this where I have found God when I’ve been challenged to look for him. So stay tuned to hear more over the next couple of weeks. I want you to keep telling me where you see him too. Either comment below or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- wherever you read this!


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  1. I enjoy watching deer come into my back yard. This doesn’t happen very often so when it happens it is something special (to me, it’s God showing up). This past Christmas I was walking through my house room to room praying for each of our kids and their girlfriends/spouse before they all descended on our house for our Christmas time together. Once they had all arrived, we were standing in the kitchen greeting and hugging one another, I looked out the back window and saw not one, but five deer grazing in the back yard as if they had been there all along. Now call it what you like, coincidence, whatever, but I know it was God showing up letting me know He hears and is always near!

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