Not today Satan

We’ve got some bad habits as humans. Naturally, we’re human. One of the biggest ones, we forget Satan is real. We forget in our day-to-day lives that Satan is active, on the move, he is coming for you, and nothing would make him feel happier than for you to give in.

You feeling down? Tempted? Believing lies about yourself? About God? Maybe you feel unworthy.

Exclusive: THIS IS SATAN

Recently Brad and I were having a conversation about money (ugh, greed, you’re also from the devil) and we were lamenting on how tough it’s been lately since I quit my salaried position. He started to say things that I knew were not him. I told him I was over it, this is not him and I needed him to grab Satan by the… well you know.. and throw him back to hell.

I know it sounds kind of ridiculous.

Here’s the thing though, we’ve got to cast him down and out of our lives.

Why? Because God has cast him down. He THREW him DOWN to hell. We’re not gonna be polite about it and step to the side and wave at him in passing. He does not deserve our best polite attitude. Please reserve politeness for those you love, not our enemy.

I love the movie war room when she speaks over her house and tells Satan he’s not allowed there. What a powerful moment. (I’ll put the clip down below.)

I saw the movie right before I was about to meet with a student, actually. I was told there could potentially be upcoming behavior issues and I let fear creep in. So I walked into my classroom and prayed over the student’s chair. I told Satan that he was not allowed in my classroom, in my head, or in that child. And you know what? I never had any problems with the student.

But when we say it out loud. Man. There is something so empowering to speak those words into existence. I feel truly like Psalm 46:5 the lord is within me and I cannot fall. It’s a great feeling.

Jesus actually models this for us when Satan is trying to tempt him in the wilderness. After multiple attempts at trying to tempt Jesus, he responds to Satan and says “Away from me Satan!”

I tell him often He is not welcome in my life, in my home, in my marriage, in my friendships, and in my work. He does not belong here. He belongs where God put him.

Sometime’s, when it’s all I can do to hang in there, I simply write the words “get out” and circle it. A practice I learned through Mark Batterson’s book “Draw the Circle”. 

Do not let him in. Be active and aware, be on your toes. We know the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (Mark 10:10)

But not to you he doesn’t, have the stubbornness to say: not me. Not today. Not ever. Bye Felicia.

You are a child of God’s, Not Satan’s.

You were made in God’s image, not Satan’s.

Will he come after you harder? Yeah probably, but you’ve got God on your side and you know how the fight ends.

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