Episode 1: Hayley Waldron

The Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast
The Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast
Episode 1: Hayley Waldron

Hayley is our FIRST EVER guest on the Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast! Today she is talking to us about the ATV accident that altered the course of her life, how she stays faithful and chooses joy daily, and what the latest updates are with her and Harrison.

I hope you enjoy listening to Hayley as much as I enjoyed talking to her! If you enjoyed this episode make sure to share it, rate it, review, and subscribe so more people can hear Hayley’s incredible story.





Thank you to Scott Holmes for letting us use his music!

“Follow your dreams” by Scott Holmes


2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Hayley Waldron”

  1. You will have a hard time topping this one! God is being glorified by Hayley and Harrison’s amazing story of faith, love and overcoming the deepest of valleys. Thank you Hayley for being willing to share and thank you Keeley for choosing this for your first podcast and can’t wait to listen to the next one!

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