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Episode 3: Kim Cromer Part 1

The Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast
The Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast
Episode 3: Kim Cromer Part 1

Today’s guest is someone so special and near and dear to my heart. She is not only one of the wisest people I know, but she also happens to be my Aunt. Kim Cromer has lived this life so boldly and so well. I’m so lucky to have her as a mentor in my life.

She Is going to tell her story and talk about everything from a father’s love, or lack there of I should say, living in a broken family, handling divorce, single parenting, overcoming depression, and learning to love and trust again. She actually had so much to say, and I wanted everyone to be able to process and learn from all of it, So I am splitting her interview into two parts and you’ll hear from her again next week from a totally different part of her story. Theres a lot of difficult things we broach and She was so brave to talk about all of it so I really hope you enjoy and take something away from this interview with Kim!

Kim’s Instagram: @kimcee212 


Thank you to Scott Holmes for letting us use his music!

“Follow your dreams” by Scott Holmes

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  1. I have always loved and respected the Perry family and their love for each other and their love for God.

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