Episode 4: Kim Cromer Part 2

Episode 4: Kim Cromer Part 2
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Part 2 of this incredible interview with my Aunt Kim. If you haven’t heard part 1, I’m going to encourage you to actually go back and listen to that first, so everything makes a little more sense. In part one she talked to us about growing up in a broken family with an absent father, divorce as a child in the situation, divorce as an adult, single parenting, overcoming depression, and loving again. So again go ahead and head back to part one if you need to. In this second half of our talk, she’s going to really candidly talk about her experience with cancer. She is also sharing what it is that makes her such a generous person and how she does it.



Kim’s Instagram: @kimcee212 


Thank you to Scott Holmes for letting us use his music!

“Follow your dreams” by Scott Holmes


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