Today I Feel Sad

Earlier this week, I was planning to write a different post about how sometimes seemingly bad things, turn out for good. But that didn’t feel appropriate today. Because I don’t see the good here. I don’t doubt that God can redeem anything, but today I feel sad.

See, last night before I went to bed I noticed an article being posted over and over again. It was a murder-suicide that took place just outside of Nashville. The amount of times it had been reposted should have been an indicator to me, that this was not good, but I clicked. I saw the name Cassidy Ganey flash before my eyes. “No. no. no. no.” I started to say then sob out loud.

A girl who graduated a few years younger than me had been shot and killed along with her father and her step-mom. They had been shot by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself. There is a five year old daughter left behind. I felt sick to my stomach. My husband held me and we both stared into the dark, feeling empty and helpless. We prayed. We read scripture because plain and simple, God’s rod and staff and leadership comforts us.

I read the news this morning and see more details. I read another news website to see that there are dozens of children in the U.S. who were handed over to traffickers because proper background checks were not completed. I feel sick to my stomach all over again.

I think one of the questions we all likely think about and want to ask God is, “Why do bad things happen?” Not just bad in this case but more like,”why do HORRIBLE things happen, especially to good people?” I don’t know the answer but today I’m asking God “Why?”

I’m so sad and heartbroken and confused today.

I’m sad for those kids who should have been placed in homes instead of in the hands of traffickers.

I’m sad our nation let this happen.

I’m sad for Cassidy’s family and close friends. I cannot imagine the heartache you all are going through.

I’m sad for Sean’s family and what they must be feeling.

I’m sad for their daughter Piper. She is old enough to understand mom and dad aren’t coming home. This is heart shattering.

The only way I know how to deal and find joy is gratitude. So though it is difficult, i’m going to try.

I’m grateful God says blessed are those who weep, for they will laugh.

I’m grateful God sets the lowly on high and mourners to safety.

I’m grateful Cassidy is safe now.

I’m grateful this isn’t the end of the story and Piper will be reunited with her family some day.

Today I’m sad, so I will cling to truth. I will cling to my loved ones. I will mourn with our community. I will not be sad forever – there is hope on the horizon.


Click Here to Donate to GoFundMe for Piper Ganey


If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic abuse or having suicidal thoughts, please use the list of hotlines here


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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. I cannot offer any money, but I surly can offer prayer. This is just sickening. Why do these things happen?

  2. Thank you for your honest comments, Keeley. I am sad as well. Such heartbreak in this world. I thank God for the hope in Him through Christ extended to all who will receive! Thanks again for sharing!