Everybody Always Bob Goff

Book Pick: June 2018

This month I am so excited to share with you Bob Goff’s new book “Everybody Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult people.”

This is the follow-up book to his popular 2012 book “Love Does,” (also a great book) and it is AMAZING. I read it so quickly and could not get enough of Bob’s stories and his wisdom. I love it so much I have been telling everyone I know to go grab it. Even my husband who is “not a big reader” is reading it.

Bob is like a disney character came to life and is a one-of-a-kind guy. He holds his office hours at Tom Sawyer island in Disneyland, and calls himself a “recovering lawyer” and also “chief balloon inflator” of his organization Love Does. He also wants everyone to pay close attention to the message of Jesus to Love everybody always.

He shows us how to love everybody by sharing his own stories and life lessons learned. After all, Bob says, “Jesus never talked to anybody without telling them a story.” (Check out Matthew 13)

And y’all the stories that Bob shares are so good. When we love everybody free of an agenda, the stories are beautiful. When we realize grace says we’re all in, we treat everyone like they’re an insider. When we stop being Jesus’ lawyer, trying to prove points all the time, we can focus on sharing our love rather than our opinions. These are just a few of the things he writes about in “Everybody Always.” When he says everybody he means EVERYBODY.┬áHe’s working to love everyone from his next door neighbor to witch doctors in Uganda.

I don’t even want to share too much more because I just want you to read it and love it and love others. When I finished it, I cried. I think I cried because I knew it was the kind of book that if we take it to heart, and apply it to our lives, we can make a big change. The book was like one big reminder of the simple truth to just love like the Bible calls us to.


If you haven’t grabbed Love Does, read that too!


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