A Better Way

We’re all in

we're all in

My husband and I have this ridiculous fear that we will be found out. So I’m just going to share it: we’re not big coffee drinkers. I can enjoy it if it’s got all the extras that probably aren’t good for me  bad stuff. But we don’t own a coffee maker. Which, I always feel […]

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Be Here

Being Present, Be Here

This weekend while we were visiting Memphis, my sister’s minister said something I found striking. You know when you hear things and they smack you out of the blue and you’re certain there’s something going on you’re supposed to take note of. I like to first think “okay, why is this jumping out at me?

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You are Enough

In fact you are more than enough. When it comes to how you were made, and your capabilities to get through the day, you are enough. No matter what your day looks like, you can do it. Moms, sisters, daughters, doctors, teachers, business women, trash women, mail ladies, and dog walkers alike: you can do

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The Yeah Buts

The Yeah Buts. You know what I’m talking about. Especially if you are a parent or a teacher, you know. “Johnny, did you take Sally’s toy?” and the response usually starts with “yeah, but…” or “kids! stop fighting” and the response “yeah, but she/he started it.”  Or “clean your room” – “But, Mom!!” We’ve all

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